How Well Do Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Work Outdoors?

Bluetooth speakers are usually used indoors. They offer fairly limited wireless range. However, lately some manufacturers have started to release Bluetooth speakers which are specifically designed for use outside of the house. So how well to the speakers work?

The fact is that Bluetooth by itself does not offer very large range. Therefore, you may face some restrictions in terms of way you can locate the speakers relative from the source. If you need large range then picking some traditional outdoor loudspeakers might be better than using Bluetooth speakers.

However, there’s a distinct advantage when using Bluetooth. You don’t need a dedicated transmitter in order to send the music. Any Bluetooth-enabled device should be able to interface with the speakers. So you can actually switch devices by re-syncing the speakers with the Bluetooth device. However, you should switch off Bluetooth on the device that has to be disconnected.

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Generally, you will want to have line of sight between your device and …

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Tips for Using the Latest Tech Gadgets

Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds. Thus sometimes it can be quite challenging to stay in touch with the latest developments. I will show you some methods of getting up to speed with the newest tech gadgets.

The best method for keeping in touch with the technology is reading consumer-electronics magazines. These magazines will introduce new products and sometimes also have good articles which will introduce the basics. If you are new technology then sometimes you may be confronted with new terminology which you don’t understand. I would just do a quick search online and go to website such as Wikipedia in order to get explanations.

Also, there is a series of books available which are specially geared for novices. These books typically are not specific to any particular product but rather introduce the underlying technology in general. These books are available for a variety of different product types and technologies.

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There are also some schools which will teach you …

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Some Tips for Selecting Audio Amplifiers

Power amplifiers are at the heart of many audio devices. However, not every amplifier is created equally. I will show you some of the crucial parameters which describe the performance of audio amplifiers and also what to watch out for when making a purchase.

Power amplifiers are crucial for providing a low enough impedance to be able to drive speakers with an impedance of less than 8 ohms. Every audio source would be damaged if you were to connect speakers directly. However, there are many different technologies being used by audio amplifiers. Probably the most commonly used technology for contemporary amplifiers is called Class-D. This technology differs drastically from technologies used in previous-generation audio amplifiers.

The fundamental difference between Class-D amplifiers and different types of amplifiers such as class a amplifiers is that the audio is being converted into a pulse-with modulated signal which drives a power stage. This power stage then switches the output between ground and the power supply …

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